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Soil and rock geotechnical and environmental site investigations


Morrison’s offers a wide range of geotechnical engineering and environmental investigation services. Supported by a team of experienced engineers and scientists, onsite laboratory, in house drilling and quality assurance systems Morrison’s provides trusted and responsive geotechnical advice tailored to support your development, large or small.

Construction advice and verification


Our RPEQ led team of experienced engineers provide trusted and responsive engineering solutions and verification including for foundations, bored piles, temporary stability assessments, working platforms, earthworks and any unforeseen geotechnical situations to ensure your project remains safe, within specifications and on schedule.

Earthworks and construction materials testing


Our onsite NATA accredited laboratory trading as Protest Engineering, has a team of experienced field technicians and with our RPEQ engineering support are on call to provide competitively priced soil testing services for large or small bulk earthworks operations, Level 1 supervision and Level 2 testing, RPEQ global stability sign off and laboratory testing for third party samples.

Our Expertise

Morrison’s team of experienced RPEQ engineers and geoscientists service the geotechnical engineering, environmental and soil testing needs across a range of projects.  Our experience includes large and small subdivisions, residential and commercial developments, linear infrastructure including roads, powerlines and pipelines and associated buildings and assessments for stability.

Morrison’s expertise is trusted by large tier 1 and individual clients alike, including project and property developers, construction contractors and the government sector delivering community infrastructure assets.  

Morrisons has been serving Queensland for over 20 years at the design and investigation phase and the construction support phases of development and prides itself on providing tailored and practical advice and solutions for all your geotechnical needs. Our values and ISO 9001 accredited management systems also align with our larger clients.

Let us help you with your next project!